Freestone Environmental Services

Risk Assessment

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Human health and ecological risk assessments are important to determining the significance of environmental contamination, and development of risk-based remediation plans.  Our staff includes scientists with expertise in toxicology, chemistry, and biology that are experienced with Environmental Risk Assessment.  Our specific capabilities include:

  • Derivation of Risk-Based Cleanup Levels and Screening Levels for both Human Health and Environmental Endpoints
  • Performance of Qualitative and Quantitative Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Radiation Dose Modeling and Risk Assessment using both RESRAD-onsite and RESRAD-offsite radioactive dose software
  • Vapor Intrusion Modeling and Risk Assessment
  • Derivation of site-specific exposure models based on the most likely receptor, including exposure to various types of site media
  • Application of Washington Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) methods for cleanup levels
  • Toxicological reports and reviews for both existing and emerging constituents
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Performance of Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessments

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