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Site Characterization

Environmental investigations are performed to characterize conditions of a site and determine if hazardous substances are present to the extent that remediation or cleanup may be necessary. Characterization of the nature and extent of contamination is essential to determining the right approach to cleanup. We are experienced with a wide variety of site investigations and contaminants in soil, air, groundwater, and surface water. Sites we investigate range from small spills on commercial properties to the largest, most complex mixed radioactive and hazardous waste sites in the U.S. at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site.

Freestone has extensive experience with all aspects of planning and executing environmental investigations. Careful planning goes into a field investigation to ensure that the data to be collected will be representative of environmental conditions and useful for making cleanup decisions. We also develop supporting documentation for environmental investigations and site characterizations, including:

  • CERCLA Remedial Investigation Work Plans
  • RCRA Facility Investigation Work Plans
  • Data Quality Objectives (DQOs)
  • Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs)
  • Descriptions of Work (DOWs)
  • Field Instructions and Procedures
  • Statements of Work and Technical Specifications for drilling contractors and specialized monitoring and sampling equipment vendors
  • Investigation Derived Waste DQOs and Waste Management Plans for determining a disposition pathway for waste handling, treatment and disposal requirements
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