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Field Sampling

Our geochemists, hydrologists, geologists and biologists are trained and experienced in use of the most up-to-date methods and technologies for collecting field data from air, soil and water mediums for chemical, radiological, biological and physical properties. They are trained to work safely at sites where hazardous and radioactive conditions may be encountered.

Sampling services our staff provide include:

  • Soil, vadose zone and aquifer sediments using auger, direct push, cable-tool, air rotary, and sonic drilling methods
  • Surface water and hyporheic zone sampling – grab, vertical and horizontal pore water tubes
  • Benthic Sediments - grab and core, including boat supported vibracoring and ponar methods
  • Groundwater using submersible pumps, bailers, and depth-discrete samplers
  • Air and Vapor – active and passive sampling methods
  • Building walk-downs, inspection and sampling for hazardous substances
  • Field instrumentation and measurement – field chemistry kits, ion-specific probes, FID, PIDs, data loggers, pressure transducers, specialized in-situ instrumentation, single and multiple well tracer methods