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Planning & Documentation

Freestone has extensive experience with all aspects of planning and executing environmental investigations.

Freestone staff routinely prepare documentation in support of client project planning, environmental studies, and cleanup projects. These documents are necessary for many purposes, such as providing decision support to project management, documenting proposed cleanup actions, or satisfying regulatory obligations. We enjoy assisting clients through each phase of the documentation process, as each step of a project often requires increasingly detailed documentation to capture project goals, proposed methods, and associated costs. We assist our clients by conducting background research and data collection, drafting and editing environmental documents, developing technical specifications and descriptions of work, fielding and incorporating public comments, and facilitating and providing technical guidance during meetings between clients and regulatory agencies.

Some of the numerous documents that Freestone staff prepare include:

  • Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analyses (EE/CA)
  • Corrective Measure Studies (CMS)
  • Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
  • RCRA Facility Investigations (RFI)
  • Closure Plans
  • Removal Action Work Plans (RAWP)
  • Action Memoranda (AM)
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