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Freestone provides water resources services to municipalities, school districts, and commercial interests such as vineyards and residential development. Our staff includes state-registered hydrogeologists and geologists with extensive experience in successfully planning and executing water resource projects. Our water resources services include:

Groundwater Supply Development

  • Water supply development planning
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Aquifer testing and analysis
  • Technical specifications for well drilling/testing
  • Drilling contractor oversight and well-site geology
  • Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) studies
  • Monitoring of hydraulic impacts from well pumping or recharge to aquifers
  • Water Rights

  • Survey and evaluation of existing water rights and uses
  • Evaluation of consumptive and non-consumptive use
  • Change in water right conditions or transfers
  • Groundwater Modeling

  • Capture zone analysis for Well Head Protection
  • Numerical modeling for evaluating hydraulic impacts and contaminant transport
  • Water Supply Well Management and Rehabilitation

  • Production well analysis and evaluation
  • Examination and interpretation of down-hole video camera inspections
  • Assessment of repair or replacement of problem wells (e.g. sand-pumping or declining yield)
  • Design and technical specifications for well rehabilitation
  • Oversight of well rehabilitation contractor activities and final well testing
  • Wellhead, Aquifer and Watershed Protection Planning and Management

  • Identification of contaminant sources and evaluation of threats to water quality
  • Assessment of watershed conditions and interaction with water supply sources
  • Wellhead Protection Plans and groundwater management plans
  • Water resource databases and information management systems

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