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Kevin Klink, PE

Senior Chemical/Environmental Engineer

Kevin Klink has over 25 years of experience dedicated to transformational improvement of industrial manufacturing processes and environmental remediation projects. These improvements include reducing risks, improving efficiency and performance, deploying continual quality improvement, and integrating decision analysis and strategic approaches to select the most cost-effective solutions.

Kevin has extensive experience as a successful project manager and lead engineer for investigation and remediation projects at several of the nation's largest and most complex CERCLA/Superfund sites. Kevin is recognized in the industry for solving difficult problems with innovative solutions. He integrates decision analysis, cost estimating, and technical analysis into overall remediation decision strategies for hundreds of remediation sites for the EPA, Navy, Air Force, DOE, and a wide range of manufacturing industry clients. He has experience with several major environmental cost recovery litigation cases that all resulted in winning cases and large cost recovery settlements or awards.

Kevin has worked with conceptualization, testing, design, and implementation of many pollution prevention and control systems. He has broad experience in testing and developing innovative technologies for purifying and reusing water, acids, solvents, and various metal-bearing process solutions.

Kevin is an expert in developing and applying leading software systems for knowledge-based environmental remediation remedy selection, parametric cost estimating for environmental remediation, manufacturing process modeling and optimization, and sampling and analysis management/notification/visual status for enhanced process control. Kevin is passionate about process improvement, and is experienced with programmatic development and transformation, developing winning presentations, training courses and documentation, and with creating documentation to support successful new initiatives.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering - Oregon State University, 1980

Professional Engineer – Oregon