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Kim Schuyler

Field Services Manager

Kim Schuyler is a geologist specializing in sedimentology and meteorology. Her meteorological experience includes the use of GARP software and writing program code for different atmospheric models to compile daily and weekly forecasts and atmospheric pressure modeling. She is experienced with on-air broadcasting tools (GENESIS and LIVE) and has prepared publicly viewed forecasts. In addition, she has organized and directed severe weather/tornado chases.

Kim has broad field experience in well-site geology that includes the construction of groundwater wells and the collection of vadose, aquifer sediment, and water samples. Through this work, Kim has prepared multiple field summary reports that include information on the drilling activities, geophysical logs, and the geology/hydrogeology of the wells.

As part of the characterization efforts for a large-scale carbon tetrachloride plume, Kim oversees the vapor sampling activities for the vadose-atmosphere and the vadose-groundwater interfaces, and performs field screening and sample analysis.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science; Geology - University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007

Bachelor of Science; Soils, Environmental and Atmospheric Science - University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007