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Paula Bizot

Environmental Toxicologist

Paula Bizot offers a unique combination of environmental science and healthcare experience for integrated solutions to environmental and societal issues. She has worked as an environmental scientist and analyst for 15 years, conducting research, producing publications, and successfully managing complex remediation and restoration activities in Alaska and the Great Lakes region. Additionally, she is a registered nurse with professional experience in varied healthcare settings.

For NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration, Paula has conducted natural resource damage assessments and ensured National Environmental Policy Act compliance for projects in the Great Lakes region. She has prepared sampling and remediation plans and reports for cleanup and restoration of petroleum-contaminated sites on Alaska’s Pribilof Islands. She has conducted fieldwork and analyzed data in a risk assessment of a petroleum-contaminated site adjacent to a marine environment on St. Paul Island, Alaska. She also has supported interagency initiatives to address brownfield issues in port and harbor areas and Great Lakes restoration needs. For NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program, she has designed and developed a database to catalog, track, and support sanctuary science programs. For NOAA’s Sanctuaries and Reserves Division, she has written water quality-related sections of an environmental impact statement for a proposed sanctuary site. Additionally, she has researched and reported on toxicological issues to provide science-based decision support to policy-makers.

Education & Certifications

Master of Science, Environmental Toxicology - University of Wisconsin, 1998

Bachelor of Science, Nursing - Johns Hopkins University, 2008

Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry-Biology - Ripon College, Wisconsin, 1994

Registered Nurse, Michigan Board of Nursing

NAUI open water and advanced SCUBA diver certifications