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Stephen Hall

Senior Geochemist

Steve Hall has more than 33 years of interdisciplinary experience in geochemistry, hydrogeology, mineralogy, and analytical and physical chemistry for environmental projects and the minerals industry.

He has served as project leader, technical contributor, or consultant on field projects throughout the United States. These projects include aquifer characterization for groundwater thermal energy storage in Alabama, pre-pilot uranium extraction and aquifer restoration at in situ leach mining prospects in Wyoming and New Mexico, groundwater flow estimation using tracer methods at a Montana gold mine, sampling and trace analysis of fuel-derived lead contamination in the unconfined aquifer at a military base in Alaska, and demonstration of minimum-purge groundwater sampling methods at a national priority site in California.

Field projects at the Hanford Site include directing the Hydrochemistry Unit of the Basalt Waste Isolation Project for sampling, analysis, and geochemical characterization of groundwater in deep basalt aquifers; groundwater flow rate estimation using tracer methods at the Hanford In Situ Bioremediation Test Site; and testing and evaluation of groundwater sampling equipment.

Steve’s other accomplishments include theoretical derivation of groundwater tracer methods, design and development of remote chemical sensors, design of groundwater sampling equipment, evaluation of quality control in water analysis, laboratory design and operation (including field labs), and analytical methods development. Steve’s work is reflected in 35 published refereed papers, conference papers, reports, and patents.

Education & Certifications

Master of Science, Geology - University of Wisconsin, 1974

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry - University of Wisconsin, 1967

Professional Geologist and Hydrogeologist - Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana and AIPG