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NOAA Emergency Response Support

Freestone is a small business with the resources and capabilities to assist in large and complex environmental response efforts.

Our scientists help NOAAs Emergency Response Division facilitate spill prevention, preparedness, and response at national and local levels. Our support includes:

  • Forecasting oil spill trajectories and modeling potential hazards
  • Developing and updating technical documents and website content related to toxin and oil dispersal
  • Assisting in toxin and oil dispersant applications
  • Conducting Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique surveys and collecting data and pollution samples
  • Integrating collected data into Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) and other spatial analysis tools
  • Coordinating response efforts among NOAA offices, field support teams, and advisory committees
  • Below are some of NOAA's emergency response efforts we have supported.

    When the Refugio spill occurred in Santa Barbara, our team traveled to the event for data collection and sampling. We worked with the coordinated teams to ensure Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) needs were addressed and we provided ERMA data support.

    During the Texas City "Y" spill in Texas, we provided on-site and off-site scientific and technical support, as required, to ensure that NRDA needs were identified and appropriate activities conducted. We engaged in field NRDA reconnaissance activities, participated in Trustee calls and meetings, and determined data sampling methods and support.

    Photo: Courtesy NOAA

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