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NOAA Fisheries Support

Freestone assists in management, conservation, and protection of living marine resources in NOAA's Greater Pacific Region.

Freestone provides professional, scientific, and technical support services to NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service for the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. As a contractor to NOAA Fisheries, we assist in management, conservation, and protection of living marine resources in the Greater Pacific Region. Our current work includes projects in Guam and American Samoa to foster improvements to fisheries management data collection programs. Our technicians obtain data to be used for sustainably managing local subsistence and commercial fisheries. Freestone biosampling technicians in Guam perform census sampling of commercial, local, and non-pelagic catches with the aid of staff from the fisheries market. Data collected from fishermen include fishing date, location, number of fishermen, number and types of gear, and hours fished. Data recorded from catches include species, fork length, weight, and condition. Biological samples include otoliths, gonads, fin clips, and muscle tissues. Data, managed for accuracy, are entered into the PIFSC Bio-Sampling database. In American Samoa, we are coordinating production of a series of workshops which provide training to further develop and enhance biosampling and creel survey activities conducted by the territory’s resource management agency.

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